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  • tension test method with single column tensile testing machine

    What is the material tensile test? Tensile test or tension test are generally used to test the properties of materials under tensile conditions. A typical tensile test is to pull the tensile specimen to break to detect the final tensile strength of the material being tested. During the entire tensile test, it often check and display the tensile test force and elongation of test piece. The tensile properties of a material are usually expressed as the stress and strain of the material in the tens

  • introduction of single column electronic tensile testing machne

    The single column electronic universal tensile testing machine is suitable for stretching, bending, compressing, peeling, tearing, shearing and ring stiffness tests on various metal and non-metal materials. It is an ideal testing equipment for industrial and mining enterprise, research institute, college, engineering quality supervision station, etc.The single column electronic universal tensile testing machine adopts a single screw rod series, which integrates control, measurement and operation

  • terms and definition for metal tensile testing

    Terms and definitions for metal universal tensile testing machineOriginal from ISO 6892-1 metallic materials-tensile testing machine-part 1:method of test at room temperatureNo.ItemAbbr.Definition1Gauge lengthLLength of the parallel portion of the test piece on which elongation is measured at any moment during the test2Original gauge lengthL0Length between gauge length marks on the test piece measured at room temperature before the test3Final gauge length after fractureLuLength between gaug

  • grip of tensile stress relaxation testing machine

    Fixture and grip of tensile stress relaxation testing machineThe choice of fixture and grip can directly affect the firmness of the clamp and the convenience of the relaxation test.The strand strand relaxation testing machine adopts an extended three-lobed wedge clamp to make the clamping more firm. With a special mold release paste, it is very easy to loosen after the test, which is convenient. This kind of relaxation test grip can be used repeatedly without slip during long time relaxation tes

  • tensile stress relaxation test machine Control and transmission system

    Control and transmission system of tensile stress relaxation testing machine The choice of servo motor directly determines the efficiency of the transmission system during the relaxation test, the size of the noise, and whether the transmission is stable. The tensile stress relaxation testing machine manufactured by Jinan Wangtebei Instrument and Equipment Co.,ltd adopts Japan's Panasonic full digital AC servo motor, its excellent performance guarantees high efficiency, low noise and stable

  • how to choose tensile stress relaxation testing machine

    The steel strand stress relaxation testing machine is mainly used for testing the tensile properties of prestressed steel wires, steel bars, steel strand wires and prestressed steel bars at room temperature. It is suitable for highway bridges, construction engineering, metrological quality inspection, scientific research institutes. , metallurgical steel and other industries. How to choose the steel strand stress relaxation test machine? Today, from the structure and force measurement system of

  • faults and solutions for electronic universal testing machine

    Common faults and solutions for electronic universal testing machineFaultReason and solutionsNo display after starting the machineCheck control power line, safety fuse, switch etc.It doesn’t work after starting the machineCheck power supply of main machine, safety fuse, switch and control connecting linesNo display after loadingCheck whether sensor is goodForce value is not stableCheck whether the system is grounded properlyNo deformation after moving cross beamWhether deformation sensor is co

  • India client visit factory for material testing machine

    Jinan Wangtebei Instrument and Equipment welcome our India client to visit our factory for universal testing machine,tensile testing machine,compression testing machine,flexural testing machine,NDT test equipment,horizontal testing machine.our other products

  • martindale abrasion tester introduction

    1. main functionsThe martindale abrasion tester is to determine the abrasion properties of circular textile fabric via rub against the standard abrasive according to the trajectory of the Lisajous curve under a certain pressure. The abrasion properties of textile fabric is indicated by the rubbing times when test sample breaks.2.test methodGB/T4802.2,ASTM D4970,ISO12945-2, GB/T13775, ASTM D4966, ISO12947 and other fabric abrasion resistance test.3.specificationExpected count0~999999 timesCumulat

  • full automatic steel bar bend and rebend testing machine

    GW50 Automatic steel bend and rebend testing machine1. Product introduction GW50 automatic forward and reverse bending test machine is mainly used for metallurgical construction quality inspection department, and can also be used for building engineering raw materials, steel bar welding point bending performance testing, steel enterprise, scientific research institution, quality inspection, construction engineering, railway, transportation Common equipment for testing and researching the bending

  • bond line tensile shear strength test

    Test methodGBT 7124 adhesives- determination of tensile lap-shear strength of rigid-to rigid bonded assembliesISO 4857 adhesives- determination of tensile lap-shear strength of rigid-to rigid bonded assembliesASTM D1002 standard test method for apparent shear strength of single-lap-joint adhesively bonded metal specimens by tension loading (metal- to metal)ASTM D3163 standard test method for determining strength of adhesively bonded rigid plastic lap-shear joints in shear by tension loadingadhes

  • GTJ-EV2静态变形模量测试仪操作视频

    GTJ-EV2静态变形模量测试仪操作视频Ev2静态变形模量测试仪是专业检测仪器,用于测定路基在静荷载作用下的沉陷值,从而评估路基的承载力和变形量。适用于受静荷载作用的铁路、公路、机场、城市交通、港口、码头及工业与民用建筑的地基施工质量监控检测。 使用前务必仔细阅读说明书。并由专业实验人员操作,以避免操作不当引起的伤害。如需了解更多资料请与我公司客服人员联系。Ev2静态变形模量测试仪通过圆形承载板和加载装置对地面进行第一次加载和卸载后,再进行第二次加载,用测得的承载板下应力σ和与之相对应的承载板中心沉降值S,来计

  • 夏比冲击试验和艾式冲击试验 charpy impact test and izon impact test

    冲击试验简介冲击试验是通过测量材料能够吸收的总能量确定材料冲击强度或韧性的常用方法,材料的脆性直接决定其所能吸收的总能量,一般来说陶瓷或玻璃的吸收率低于铜或铝等韧性材料。冲击试验按冲击类型可分为夏比冲击试验和艾式冲击试验或悬臂梁冲击试验和简支梁冲击试验。冲击试样类型:按照缺口不同,冲击试样可以分为U型缺口冲击试样和V型缺口冲击试样,如下图:相关试验方法:GB/T 229金属夏比冲击试验方法ISO148-1 metallic materials-charpy pendulum impact test-part 1:test methodASTM E23 standard test method for notched ba

  • 人造板三点弯曲试验 四点弯曲试验 three and four point flexrual / bending test accessory

    人造板三点抗折试验 四点抗折试验附具1.试验方法EN 310 wood-based panel- determination of modulus of elasticity in bending and of bending strength人造板 弯曲强度征与弯曲弹性模量检测GB/T 17657 人造板及饰面人造板理化性能试验方法 test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panelsGB/T 31264结构用人造板力学性能试验方法 test method for mechanical properties of structural wood-based panels2.附具照片3.特点该弯曲附具上弯曲压头可灵用活拆,用于人造板及其它材

  • 90度 180度 T型剥离试验机 剥离试验相关试验方法


  • 运输包装压力试验机


  • 纸管径向压力试验


  • 土工膜刺穿强度试验机


  • 沥青软包装袋高温拉力试验机

    一、简介沥青软包装袋高温拉力试验机用于测量沥青软包装袋的袋体及底部在高温条件下(180℃)的抗拉强度。二、沥青软包装袋的分类 沥青软包装袋可以分为V型折边袋和无折边袋。V型折边袋用于盛装40kg沥青,无折边袋用于盛装25kg沥青。三、取样及试验沥青软包装袋袋体抗拉强度试验:试样尺寸:300X50mm(长X宽), 试样数量:横向纵向各6个,从三个袋体上选取 试验温度:180±2℃ 试验速度:200mm/min 沥青软包装袋底部抗拉强度试验: 试样尺寸:150X50mm(长X宽) 试样数量:6个,从三个袋体上选取 试验温度:180±2℃ 试验速

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